Cabin crew, ready to take off…..


The journey has begun…

Our dreams are becoming real and there is no way back.

We are half way through the statute of The Tree & The Water association. It’s such an exciting process to write it all down on paper and confirm in ourselves what we want to do and create in the upcoming years.

And there is a lot to be done.

Soon we will be leaving for our adventure – looking for the land that is waiting for us somewhere in central Italy. Like the first flight of a crane, this journey has no route but within our hearts we already know where the destination is.

Last night we wrote down what we wish the land to be like, at the same time writing down the vision of what we would like to create. Such activities always remind us how important it is to do them – brainstorming and visualisation are such powerful tools. The process brought us so much joy, excitement and motivation. Here is a picture of our doodles, have fun trying to read them 🙂


Through these posts we wish to keep you updated with our adventures.  We hope that it will keep you entertained and at the same time bring some inspiration and motivation if needed 🙂


Published by Nicco Gaia

I am a natural farmer who everyday learns how to be a more compassionate, grateful and caring being. I am part of The Tree & The Water OdV, a no-profit organization based in Italy, dedicated to nature restoration and protection, permaculture and community building. Be lOvE! :)

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