Sprouted Buckwheat Bread – Vegan, Gluten Free


Here is our gift for the day. One of our favourite recipes.

Simple, vegan, gluten free, with only 3 ingredients (+ spices)!


  • 2 cups of buckwheat
  • 2/2,5 cups of water
  • 1 tablespoon of sea-salt/ himalayan salt

optional: 1 teaspoon of tumeric, 1-2 teaspoon of your favourite herbs/ spices (oregano, rosemary, ginger powder, garam masala, etc.), seeds for topping (poppy (like on the photo), sesame, pumpkin, etc.)


1) soak buckwheat overnight, rinse in the morning and let it sprout for around 2 days, rinsing it twice a day.

2) when the buckwheat sprouts, blend it with the rest of the ingredients to achieve the consistency of a thick cream (add water little by little to avoid making it too liquid)

3) oil the bread tray and pour your mixture into it (to 3/4 of its height) and if you like add some seeds on top.

4) let the bread rise for around 8-10 hours (yes! it will rise on its own! 🙂 ).

5) preheat the oven to 180 degrees and bake it. The time really depends on your oven. In our gas oven we bake it for around 30 minutes but in an electric one we think it might take up to around an hour. Pin the bread with a stick to check if the bread is not too wet inside. If the stick is relatively dry it means the bread is ready.

6) when the bread is ready let it sit for around 10 minutes, then take it out of the tray and let it cool down completely on an oven grid so the air can also flow from below.


☼ We like to let the bread rise during the day and bake it in the evening, so we let it rest overnight and enjoy it from the morning on. By letting it rest the bread gets more compact and easier to slice.

☼ We store it in a thin cloth so it doesn’t dry so quickly, stays fresh and lasts longer (usually it’s good for 3-4 days, although in our case it rarely lasts to the third day 🙂 )

☼ The recipe comes from Iwona Zasuwa’s book, who is one of the most inspirational polish chefs, creating amazing vegan, gluten-free recipes (here her original recipe https://www.smakoterapia.pl/2015/12/chleb-gryczany-dla-cierpliwych/)

Have fun and enjoy this delicious, wholesome bread!



Published by Nicco Gaia

I am a natural farmer who everyday learns how to be a more compassionate, grateful and caring being. I am part of The Tree & The Water OdV, a no-profit organization based in Italy, dedicated to nature restoration and protection, permaculture and community building. Be lOvE! :)

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