Il Bardine

6+ hectares of Chestnut Forest and Orchard

For around 20 years this magical piece of land has served as a home and business venture to a sweet and most generous English couple, who, in October 2019, decided to donate most of the land to our Association.

Every time I think of this my heart expands beyond imagination. What a gift! What a treasure!

This is another wonderful opportunity for so much creation and regeneration to happen. For humans to come together with the intent of nurturing Nature and themselves. A place where new ways of living in harmony with Nature can safely be explored and experienced.

The land is located in Fivizzano, in the province of Massa (Northern Tuscany), 25km (40mins drive) away from the sea and from the city of La Spezia. 2.5 of the 6 hectares are orchards (1000 between Apple, Pear and Plum trees) and the rest, on the other side of the Aulella river, is untouched forest (mainly Chestnut).

A= Access
P= Parking
R= Ruin (only in the papers)
T= Trees 

I envision 2 or 3 units (family, couple, friends, individuals) settling in on the 5 wide terraces below the ruin. At the beginning in temporary structures (yurts, mobile homes, tiny houses, tepees, etc) until the house (R) will be rebuilt and more building permission will be granted.

Click here for a 360° view of the lands

The climate here is gentler than in Varsi, where our headquarters are (about 90mins drive away). The winters are milder, without snow nor heavy windstorms. I went to the land in November and February, and in both occasions the sky was clear and I was walking around the orchard in T-shirt.

At present there are no infrastructures on the property and I haven’t had the resources to make it more accessible and liveable. However, when the right time and humans will come, it will be very easy to set the basic needs up (compost toilet, solar shower, kitchen), fix the access road, make space for parking, and develop a harmonious reality to live in.

The potential for water catchment is big. The river flows abundantly all year round at the bottom of the valley. And its affluent runs along our chestnut forest. The orchard has never required an irrigation system due to the abundance of water in the ground and the regular microclimate this area is gifted with.

If you feel this is the right place for you and your family/friends/community to settle in, please read carefully our Statute (Italian Version here) and reach out via email at:

May all beings be happy, safe and free!

With Gratitude,


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