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Rainforest Rescue is a nonprofit organisation “actively committed to preserving rainforests, protecting their inhabitants, and furthering social reforms”.

The website allows you to get involved in tens of petitions for the protection of the forests and their inhabitants across the world.  Available in 7 different languages!

  • Save Europe’s Last Virgin Forests (Romania)

    “The Romanian Carpathians are home to Europe’s largest remnants of primary forest. The forests have been growing there untouched by humans for thousands of years. […] However, this outstanding natural heritage is under acute threat. In recent years, tens of thousands of hectares of primary forests have been logged and destroyed. Europe is currently facing one of the most serious losses of its natural heritage. Forest destruction is fuelled by greed, corruption and criminal networks. Logging roads are now cutting access into many of the most remote and wild remaining forest stands. Forest devastation is also present in National Parks and European Natura 2000 Sites.”

  • SOS Carpathian Forest (Poland)

    “Every year, thousands of beech trees, fir trees and other species of trees cease to breathe for us. Old trees of the Carpathian Forest, which the man did not plant, can not scream, so they die in silence. (…) Signing under the appeal of WWF Poland and the Foundation for Natural Heritage, you demand from the Polish authorities, offices and institutions managing the area of ​​the Polish Carpathians, take decisive action for their full and reliable protection.”

  • Protect Bialowieza Forest (Poland)

    “The Białowieża Forest extending over 1600 km2 between Poland and Belarus is the last large remaining fragment of the natural forest of the European Plain. Exceptionally biodiverse, the forest is home to more than 5.500 plant species, and 11.564 animal species, including the largest population of free-ranging European bison. Animals from the large carnivores like wolves and lynxes, to the rare nesting songbirds, woodpeckers, and owls all rely on the forest for their habitat of old growth and standing dead trees. (…) Unfortunately increased timber harvesting, formally justified by the need to curb bark beetle outbreak, greatly exceeded the annual plans and constitutes a serious threat. (…) In August 2017 Court of Justice of EU demanded that all logging in the forest is stopped. So far Poland has not implemented the Court’s decision and logging and removal of old tree stands continue.”

  • Save The Arctic (Greenpeace)

    “We are campaigning for a protected sanctuary in international waters around the North Pole as part of a network of protected areas across the Arctic Ocean. We need YOUR support to make this happen.

    Ask world leaders to create a global sanctuary in the uninhabited area around the North Pole, and to ban oil drilling and destructive fishing in Arctic waters.

    Join the movement that is making a difference and show the world that you will stand for the Arctic for as long as it takes.”

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