Sara’s passion for nature led her to create a co-operative art project with Daniel Freeman which presents plants in a completely new, ‘electric’ light. In their project they used a technique known as Kirlian photography. This unique and for many controversial technique enables us a tantalising glimpse into the very fabric of the cosmos.


Kirlian photography continues to delight and intrigue many in the worlds of art and science, and many aspects of the phenomena that it reveals are largely unexplained. The photographs are captured by passing high voltages through a conductive plate, on top of which lays a piece of photographic paper or film and then the subject which is grounded creating a coronal discharge. This generates a delicate and intricate field of energy that emanates from the subject and has been interpreted by many to be a manifestation of an aura or a form of bioplasma.


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Sara and Daniel spent around 8 months discovering the technique, building special equipment to create the photographs and spending hours in completely dark room, as the photographs can only be taken in such conditions. By experimenting and improving the technique they managed to capture the plants in their uniqueness and gave us glimpse into the new world that’s hidden in what we can’t observe with the naked eye.


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‘If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration’  – Nikola Tesla


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Some of the photographs were exhibited in Brighton as well as published in British Journal of Photography and polish ASF magazine:


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