Nature-Connection Education

The rewilding of our environments can only be possible if we first allow the reconnection with Nature within ourselves by re-learning how to engage and co-exist within natural systems. The priceless resource for stimulating such an engagement is education. Education based on love, creativity, freedom, trust and ecological responsibility. ‘The Tree & The Water’ aims at creating a space for learning based on such foundations.

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Beside nature conservation and reforestation another big focus of our project is nature-connection education. By creating volunteering programmes and our first educational centre we aspire to create opportunities for everyone to learn about deep ecology,  wild therapy, permaculture, nature conservation, holistic practices and community living.

The educational centre will consist of a community library, a classroom and a meditation space. There we will organise many events and workshops connected to the objectives of the Association. Additionally we aim to create many outside spaces (like food forest, tree nursery, Nature Sanctuaries, etc.) which will be also used for educational purposes.

We want to create free volunteering programmes and workshops based on voluntary donations to make them more accessible to everyone. We noticed that very often such opportunities are offered at very high prices, making them unreachable for too many people. Our work is strongly inspired by Charles Eisentein’s concept of gift-economy and Dana economy originating from Buddhist traditions. Being a non-profit organisation and investing all our resources into its progress, we understood how meaningful and priceless is to work voluntarily. Working for something meaningful becomes much more important than the economic reward.