Nature Sanctuaries


The spirit of our project lies in the conviction that as a species we need to remind ourselves the sacredness, abundance and beauty that hides within the natural world. 


We strongly believe that this can only happen through re-connection, especially that of the younger generations. For a long time we were thinking of how such reconnection could happen and inspired by SAI sanctuary in India, the idea of ‘Private Nature Sanctuaries’ came to us.

When we first heard this term: ‘nature sanctuary’, it touched us so deeply and straight away we knew that getting involved in creating them was the right path for us to be able to manifest our dreams and visions for the future of this planet.

Sanctuary is a place of peace, a place of connection, respect, selflessness and reflection. By creating places which are cared for and managed within such a spirit, we strongly trust that our work could bring many opportunities for others to reconnect with natural environment and to witness and learn about its importance.

Forests are fundamental in restoring the Earth’s resilience and play a crucial role in reversing climate change. By mimicking the natural processes of those native ecosystems, our commitment is to create Nature Sanctuaries which will become examples of sustainable, ecologically responsible, holistic and effective reforestation, and nature conservation programmes. The initiative is our opportunity to provide solutions which could be implemented on a larger scale, giving significant support to the national reforestation programmes, whilst supporting local communities and strengthening the resilience of ecosystems in various areas of Italy.

The Nature Sanctuaries will hold priceless opportunities to learn about the natural environments. We intend to create and maintain walking paths and hiking shelters (like huts/ wooden cabins) which will provide informational guidelines and descriptions of the biodiversity found in the Sanctuaries. Nature Sanctuaries will also have freely-accessible wildlife observatories and other facilities which could all be used for nature-connection educational and research purposes.

The Tree & The Water aims to create Nature Sanctuaries through protection and restoration of lands donated to the Association or acquired through fundraising opportunities.

There lies a big responsibility in our hands to protect and restore the remaining natural ecosystems and to allow the shaping of a future that can sustain the new generations of all species on Earth. At the current rate of exploitation and degradation of Earth’s resources it is scientifically proven that such future is not achievable. We are in urgent need of alternative strategies and solutions which would transition us towards a more resilient future.

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