People VS oil


–> NOVEMBER 2017 – Let’s stop the Arctic oil extraction in court! <–

“Statoil, a Norwegian state-owned fuel company, plans to drill new oil in the melting Arctic. This is a huge threat to us and our planet, which simply can not cope with the effects of burning another barrel of oil. That is why we decided to bring the case to court. In a landmark lawsuit, together with the Nature & Youth association, we will sue the Norwegian government for giving Statoil and other oil companies permission to increase oil production in the Arctic.

This can keep millions of barrels of oil in the ground, but it will not be easy. That’s why we need your help. Add your name and we will present it in court as proof of the enormous global support for halting the extraction of oil in the Arctic.”

For the first time in 20 years the Norwegian government is opening up a new oil frontier in the Arctic.We will show the court that oil drilling in the Arctic is not only deeply immoral but also violating Article 112 of the Norwegian Constitution that says that the State shall ensure for everyone, including future generations, the right to a safe and healthy environment.This will be the first time this right is tested in court.We will also show the Court that the Norwegian government is violating the Paris Agreement where they clearly promised to help limit climate change. When politicians put oil before people, they need to be held accountable. This is why we are taking Arctic oil to Court! “
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