Volunteer Summer Camp Cerreto 2021

Smoke-, alcohol-, and cruelty-free SUMMER VOLUNTEERING PROGRAM.

Stay one day, one week, one month or three months! 

Are you keen to get in touch with nature? To learn more about Permaculture, natural building and community living? To contribute to the creation of “The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible“?

Then come join us in the cocreation of a Community space on the Italian Apennine Mountains!


– Creating natural fences around the Food Forest
– Building Compost Toilets and Showers
– No-dig vegetable gardens
– Maintaining the Food Forest (chop&drop, propagating and planting plants and trees, mulching)
– Creating natural ponds and other rainwater harvesting systems
– Harvesting wood / clearing forest paths
– Clearing the stream from brambles and trash
– Take regular trips to the river
– Fire circles, jam sessions (bring instruments!), yoga, meditation, sharing circles, etc


You can pitch your tent on the land, stay in your campervan or stay in the house if the space is available. In the house there can be space for 2-4 people, depending on availability. The house faces the forest and it is right at its entrance. It has a kitchen, living room, study/stove room and bathroom on the ground floor. Upstairs there are 2 bedrooms. It is part of a small hamlet, mainly composed of holiday homes (few families come from the city for few weeks during the summer and in the weekends).

We might have a chihuahua with us in July 🙂

We cook together (vegan, gluten-free).
Please do not bring animal products in the space. The nature around provides abundance of wild plants and mushrooms 🙂 We will be sharing the cost of purchased food (10-15euros per week per person). Occasionally we will go out together for a coffee or a good pizza (each pays their own).

We strongly encourage everyone who comes to spend time in the forest, alone and together. We can go for walks and hikes. There’s a local, very typical cafè just down the road where the old farmers and villagers go to play cards and drink.

Varsi, the nearest town has a grocery shop, bakery, restaurants and pizzeria, cafes, police station and church. It is around 45mins away by foot, 10mins by bike on the way down, maybe 30mins coming back, less then 10 minutes by car.


We need motivated people who come with clear intention to be of help. The space here is open for honest and heartfelt contribution and input. A minimum of 4 hours a day, 5 days a week would be ideal. If you feel you can do more or less please do talk to me and we will always come to a loving and satisfying solution for all.

We will have a list of things to do, considering priorities, availability, willingness and weather conditions. In the summer we will be working during the cooler hours of the morning and/or the late afternoon.

We will gather in a circle daily to connect and share how everyone feels. It strengthens and brings clarity to the space and the relationships between everyone.


If you are coming with your own vehicle we will be sending you the exact location privately.

Depending on when you arrive there is a bus that from Parma central station takes you all the way to Varsi ( http://www.valcenoweb.it/…/tep-trasporti-pubblici…/ ).Otherwise there is a train from Parma to ‘Fornovo di Taro’ (the closest train station).

If we can we’ll pick you up from Parma, otherwise from Fornovo train station, or Varsi bus stop.

We are looking forward to hear from you and to get some miracles done together!

Be happy 🙂

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