Trees for Life

This amazing organisation was established by Alan Watson Featherstone which began its practical work in 1989. Since then, with the help of thousands of volunteers, Trees for Life has planted more than one million trees.

And it all began with one person. In 1980s Alan was often wandering through the areas of old Caledonian forests. While admiring the beautiful, ancient trees, he noticed that while these were slowly dying, there were no young trees growing around. High populations of deers and sheep were constantly snacking on the new, small seedling, not giving them time to grow, and leaving the forest to a certain extinction.

Alan felt a calling to change this imbalance knowing that if nothing changed, these beautiful forests might have just disappeared. That’s how Trees for Life begun. Over the years the organisation developed various strategies to bring back the health and vigour of Scottish forests including: fencing areas of the forest to protect the seedling from being eaten by the animals, planting native trees and removing non-native species.

Trees for Life also offers a great volunteering programme which enables all people with will to help, to come and learn about the situation, and at the same time to take direct action in the conservation of the Caledonian forests.

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