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‘The Tree & The Water’ is a non-profit Association registered in Italy as an ‘organisation for the promotion and defence of animals and environment’.

The association has the following objectives:

1. protecting nature by preserving its natural balance, protecting the ecosystems while respecting their biological diversity, and protecting and preserving the natural habitat of animals and plants;

2. development of a natural and sustainable way of life for people, together and in harmony with nature without damaging the natural habitat and the balance of the ecosystem;

3. development of theoretical and practical teaching methods, which are in harmony with nature, relating in particular to the following cases:

a) enhancement of forest heritage,

b) natural and holistic education and pedagogy,

c) natural agriculture using natural seeds that are not genetically modified, without the use of chemical agents and heavy agricultural machinery (unless necessary to recreate the stability and biodiversity of an ecosystem by creating depressions, ponds and lakes),

d) natural building with natural and/or recycled materials without the use of cement and highly polluting materials,

e) holistic and natural animal management,

f) art and craft techniques, in particular those for which there is a risk that they fall into oblivion,

g) natural and holistic therapies and treatments,

h) production of clean and renewable energy.

For the realisation of its objectives the association carries out the following activities:

  1. supply and maintenance of sites where one can learn a harmonious coexistence with nature, realised among other activities through:

    • creation of Nature Sanctuaries

    • educational centres

    • research programs

    • seed banks, nurseries, wildlife observatories

    • ecological restoration techniques and regenerative designs

    • systems for water harvesting and management

    • libraries

    • volunteer programs

    • environments for spiritual practices

  1. management of national and foreign land with the aim of restoring, protecting and maintaining their natural habitat;

  2. organisation and financing of events, workshops, meetings and courses on topics related to the objectives of the Association;

  3. financing the acquisition of non-genetically modified seeds and natural plants, in particular ancient and indigenous species, for natural or legal persons who practice natural agriculture in compliance with the objectives of the Association;

  4. financing the acquisition of building tools and materials for natural or legal persons engaged in the construction of natural buildings in compliance with the objectives of the Association;

  5. purchasing of books and other publications thematically related to the purposes of the Association, to make them available to interested persons;

  6. website development.

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